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Four Risales and a Letter of Dedication

Manuscript in Ottoman Turkish
4 Risales in 1 Vol. , 27 + 57 + 58 + 19 + 2 = 153 pp.,
19 x 14 cm.

Mehmed Sâdık Erzincânî, also named Mu ammad diq al-Arzin ni Muft z da, Mehmed el-Erzincani, and Mu ammad diq Ibn- Abd-ar-Ra m al-Muft . Author of four risales (small texts in the form of a treatise on principles, rules a...

Five Commentaries on Poems

Manuscript in Persian and Ottoman Turkish
16 + 6; 38 + 6; 16 + 3; 14; 21 pages
18.5 x 12 cm.

1st page: Handwritten ex libris of Hüseyin ibn Ahmet Ali Ku îzade, grandson of the famous astronomer Al ' ad-D n Al ibn Muhammad al-Q shj , born 805 [1403] in Samarqand; died 878 [1474] in Istanbul), in the service of Su...

Tripolis/Libyen: Sabratha, Leptis Magna, Zliten, Tegrinna, Yafran

Album "Q" with 98 b/w Photos by Anonymous Photographer ("G.S.W.")
111 x 33 cm
c. 1937

Fine Album of a private trip to Libya with 98 well preserved photos giving rare insights of that time in Libya covering architecture, street and village scenes and portraits, including references to Italian Faschism....

Algeria: Architecture, Portraits, Street Life, Tents

Two Albums "T" with 57 Albumen Prints, Photogravure, Heliotypie, and 54 Postcards
111 x 33 cm
c. 1890 – 1900

Insightful Album on Algeria from 1890/1900 with 57 mostly Albumin prints covering portraits, street views and scenery. Complemented by a rare collection of 54 postcards focused on the same subjects in a second Album....


Special Offer

Complete set of all 17 titles printed by Müteferrika between 1729 and 1742 plus additional 4 titles printed posthumously on his printing press (1756 - 1786)

Rare Early Printed Books in Ottoman Turkish.
21 Titles Totalling 27 Volumes
Condition well above average and in several cases excellent
Paper quality in almost all cases excellent
Extremely few pages are missing

1. Ebu Nasr Ismail bin Hamad el-Cevheri, Kitab-i Lugat-i Vankulu (Arabic-Turkish Dictionary), 2 Volumes, Istanbul 1729. 2. Katib Celebi, Tuhvetü'l-Kibar fi Esfari'l-Bihar (In memory of the great naval battles), Istanbul ...

Bahriye-i Bahr-i Siyah (Naval chart of the Black Sea)

One of six known copies worldwide
Printed from four copper plates.
Total size: c. 65 x c. 95 cm.
Kostantiniyye [Istanbul], 1137 [1724/25]

This map, unlike his books, is apparently not mentioned in the probate inventory of Müteferrika’s possessions at his death in 1747 (Sabev 2007). According to Toderini (1787), who acquired a copy, probably in the 1770s, t...