Tarih-i Gülşen-i Maarif

Printed in Ottoman Turkish
Istanbul: Matbaa-i Âmire 1252 [1836]
Not in ÖZEGE but AEKMK - BDK
2 Volumes. 8, 1-848 + 6, 849-1693 p.
Half leather bound, 22.5 x 15,5 cm.

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History of the Ottoman Empire from the beginning to the Treaty of Karlowitz, signed on 26 January 1699 in Sremski Karlovci, in modern-day Serbia, concluding the Great Turkish War of 1683–1697 in which the Ottoman Empire had been defeated at the Battle of Zenta by the Holy League. It marks the end of Ottoman control in much of Central Europe, with their first major territorial losses after centuries of expansion, and established the Habsburg Monarchy as the dominant power in the region.Feraizcizâde Mehmed Said, died 1836 in Bursa, is a famous historian of the XIX.th century. He studied the works of other historians like Mutafa Sami, Hüseyin Sakir and Mehmed Subhi, printed by Müteferrika in 1784, Ahmed Vasif’s Ravzatü'l-hüseyin fî Hûlâsat-ı Ahbâri'l-hafikayn, Naima’s Mehâsinü’l-Âsâr ve Hakaikü’l-Ahbâr, and finished his book after nineteen years in March 1834.