RAMAZANZÂDE NİŞANCI MEHMED PAŞA Tarih-i Nişancı Mehmed Paşa  (History of Nişancı Mehmed Paşa)

Tarih-i Nişancı Mehmed Paşa (History of Nişancı Mehmed Paşa)

Printed in Ottoman Turkish
Istanbul: Tab'hane-i Âmire, 1279 [1863]
ÖZEGE 198803
348 pp., cloth spine, leather covers, 18 x 13 cm.

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The historical work, titled Tarih-i Ni ancı Mehmed Pa a, but originally titled Siyer-i Enbiya-i izam ve ahval-i hulefa-i kiram ve menakib-i selatin-i Osman, was written at the instigation of Sultan Suleyman and is still one of them today most popular most used historical manuals of the Ottomans. After a very short about one Quarter of the whole-filling treatment of world history (patriarchs, Muslim dynasties, etc.) is presented in more detail the Ottoman imperial history from Osman up to Suleyman, and indeed until the year 969 [1561]; the last event mentioned in most of the manuscripts is the execution of Prince Bayezid on the 15th of Muharrem 969 [25.XI. 1561]. In between are details of saints, famous poets, scholars, writers, buildings of the sultans, etc.