Teshuvot u-Sheilot (Questions and Answers or Responsa)

Early example of Hebrew printing from Istanbul/Constantinople,
Solomon ben Isaac Jabez, 1560.
[8], 318, [6] pp.,
Modern morocco-backed boards,
28.5 x 19.5 cm.

Questions, answers and fatwas by our wise and revered Rabbi Eliya Mizrahi on the rules discussed by rabbis in religious academies (yeshivas) in this country, Spain, France and Germany. Teshuvot u-Sheilot was printed under the editorship of Solomon Kabuli, the son of our learned Rabbi Menahem Kabuli, in the printing house of Solomon ben Isaac Jabez, the son of our Rabbi Yitsak Jabez, during the reign of our Gebieder (Efendi) Sultan Suleyman in the capital Constantiniyye. May the Lord strengthen and glorify his throne. This bo...

Complete set of all 17 titles printed by Müteferrika between 1729 and 1742 plus additional 4 titles printed posthumously on his printing press (1756 - 1786)

Rare Early Printed Books in Ottoman Turkish.
21 Titles Totalling 27 Volumes
Condition well above average and in several cases excellent
Paper quality in almost all cases excellent
Extremely few pages are missing

1. Ebu Nasr Ismail bin Hamad el-Cevheri, Kitab-i Lugat-i Vankulu (Arabic-Turkish Dictionary), 2 Volumes, Istanbul 1729. 2. Katib Celebi, Tuhvetü'l-Kibar fi Esfari'l-Bihar (In memory of the great naval battles), Istanbul 1729. 3. Judas Thaddaeus Krusinski, Tarih-i Seyyah der beyan-i zuhur-i Aghvanian va Davlat-i Sahan-i Safavian (A Book of Travels to the Land of the Afghans and the Persians), Istanbul 1729. 4. Muhammed bin Hasan el Mes'udi, Tarihü'l-Hind al Garb al Musamma bi Hadis-i nev (The History of America and the West I...

History of the Tatars

Lot of 5 Books Published in Kazan during the 1920s Printed in Cyrillic & Arabic Script

The five books originate from the 1920s just before Soviet authorities introduced Latin script for the Tatar language. During the early years of the Soviet Union secular schools had started using Cyrillic script and Tatar religious schools continued to use Arabic script. All books are bound in red half-leather with their original covers inside....

Ottoman Travel Reports

Printed between 1863 and 1919

Lot of 15 travel reports written by Ottoman travellers and printed between 1863 and 1919. Reports include travels to Middle Eastern regions like Yemen, Sudan, Egypt, Syria, Anatolia, Algeria but also to several European countries like France, England, Germany as well as to China, India, and Africa....