Tunisia: Biskra, El-Kantara, Mansouria, Sidi Okba, Temacine, Touggourt

Album with 40 Silver Gelatin Prints
31.5 x 25.6 cm
c. 1925

Album of 35 privately taken, well-preserved gelatin prints showing vivid and authentic street and market scenes....

Morocco – Fez & Marrakech: Souks, Buildings, Street Scenes, Ramadan Prayers

Album with 27 Silver Gelatin Prints by E. Hoffmann
20 x14.5 cm
c. 1929

Beautiful example of a travel album that reproduces aspects of personal interest on a trip to Marrakech and Fez in 1929 to a good technical standard. Besides interesting shots of architecture, landscape and street scenes, the album contains many precise observations of special occasions such as the funeral of a child or the celebrations at the end of Ramadan....

Tunis & Carthago: Mainly Islamic Architecture

Album with 44 Large Albumin Prints
44 x 31.2 cm
c. 1890

Album with 44 large format, mostly Albumin prints with many architectural details of Carthago and Tunis, a third of which taken by Neurdein, Soler, Rives, and Albert....

Egypt: Assuan, Luxor, Medinet Habu, Karnak, Thebes, Cairo

Album with 81 Gelatine Prints by Anonymous Photographers
27 x 20.8 cm
c. 1911

Well-preserved travel Album of 1911 focusing on Assouan, Philae, Luxor, Theben, Carnak and Cairo. Excellent amateur photographs highlighting important details in the Pharaonic sites and giving a lively impression of the circumstances in which the trip took place....

Tripolis/Libyen: Sabratha, Leptis Magna, Zliten, Tegrinna, Yafran

Album with 98 b/w Photos by Anonymous Photographer ("G.S.W.")
30 x 30 cm
c. 1937

Fine Album of a private trip to Libya with 98 well preserved photos giving rare insights of that time in Libya covering architecture, street and village scenes and portraits, including references to Italian Faschism....

Algeria: Architecture, Portraits, Street Life, Tents

Two Albums with 57 Albumen Prints, Photogravure, Heliotypie, and 54 Postcards
32.8 x 25 cm
c. 1890 – 1900

Insightful Album on Algeria from 1890/1900 with 57 mostly Albumin prints covering portraits, street views and scenery. Complemented by a rare collection of 54 postcards focused on the same subjects in a second Album....

Large Collection of Oriental Photographs

With Focus on Islamic Architecture & Daily Life Late 19th & Early 20th Centuries

This unusual collection of Oriental Photography (late 19th and early 20th centuries) with focus on Islamic Architecture and Daily Life is being put up for sale in its entirety. Subjects covered are amongst others: - Market scenes, workshops, street kitchens, hunting, water wells, bedouin tents, transport by boat and by camel - Urban structures, mosques, markets, harbours, houses, palaces, ornament, the Suez Canal The Regional focus is on the Maghreb countries, Egypt, Bilad al-Sham and Istanbul. Besides more than 250 singl...

63 Portrait Photographs Taken in Mecca 1885

From Christiaan Snouck-Hurgronje’s “Bilder-Atlas zu Mekka”

Following his PhD with de Goeje in Leiden and further studies with Nöldecke in Strasbourg Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje (1857-1936) went on an extended research trip to Jiddah and Mecca during the years 1884 and 1885. He converted to Islam during his stay and lived in the Holy City of Mecca from February until August 1885. Snouck Hurgronje was the first European photographer in Mecca and the second photographer ever after the Egyptian Mohammed Sadiq Bey. Upon return to the Netherlands he became lecturer at Leiden University....