Research Library on Islamic Law and History (approx. 1800 titles)

Research Library on Islamic Law and History (approx. 1800 titles)

of the late Professor Rudolph "Ruud" Peters, Emeritus of Islamic Law, University of Amsterdam

Ruud Peters (1943-2022) was one of the world’s leading scholars in Islamic Law. His working library reflects the distinct research areas of its compiler in a unique way: From the history of Jihad, to Egyptian history in Ottoman and Khedival times to Islamic Law which was his main field of research over a period of 40 years.

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The library consists of three main subject areas and counts a total of c. 1800 titles:
1. Islamic Law: c. 640 titles, 46% Arabic, 33% English, 7% Turkish, 15% other languages
2. Islamic Studies: c. 500 titles, 22% Arabic, 42% English, 25% Dutch, 8% German
3. Islamic History: c. 660 titles, 31% Arabic, 48% English, 9% Dutch, 6% German

A complete list of titles for each subject area is available in Excel format.
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