Eliah Mizrahi

Eliah Mizrahi Teshuvot u-Sheilot (Questions and Answers or Responsa)

Teshuvot u-Sheilot (Questions and Answers or Responsa)

Early example of Hebrew printing from Istanbul/Constantinople,
Solomon ben Isaac Jabez, 1560.
[8], 318, [6] pp.,
Modern morocco-backed boards,
28.5 x 19.5 cm.

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Questions, answers and fatwas by our wise and revered Rabbi Eliya Mizrahi on the rules discussed by rabbis in religious academies (yeshivas) in this country, Spain, France and Germany. Teshuvot u-Sheilot was printed under the editorship of Solomon Kabuli, the son of our learned Rabbi Menahem Kabuli, in the printing house of Solomon ben Isaac Jabez, the son of our Rabbi Yitsak Jabez, during the reign of our Gebieder (Efendi) Sultan Suleyman in the capital Constantiniyye. May the Lord strengthen and glorify his throne. This book was printed on the 5th day, Wednesday, of the month of Tischrei in the year 5320.

As with all except two copies worldwide, leaves 109 and 110 (responsum 66) are missing. They contain the author's protests and polemic with R. J. Algazi regarding his son's alleged conversion to Islam.

Eliah Mizrahi (c. 1450-1526) was one of the most important rabbinic authorities of the Ottoman Empire. His answers, written in the midst of the turmoil of the Spanish Inquisition, are of great historical interest as they concern the Jewish exiles who had found refuge in Constantinople.

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