Muḥammad Aq Shams al-Dīn / Akşemseddin • 792 - 863 [1390 -1459]

Muḥammad Aq Shams al-Dīn / Akşemseddin • 792 - 863 [1390 -1459] Makâmât’ül Evliyâ, Silsilename, Risale Akşemseddin
By the teacher of Mehmed II, the conqueror of Constantinople

Makâmât’ül Evliyâ, Silsilename, Risale Akşemseddin

Three Manuscripts in Ottoman Turkish
Copied by Seyyid İbrahim Şevki
5 Cemazielevvel 1273 [1. January 1857]
Bound in one volume.
27 pp., 20 x 13.5 cm.

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Three manuscripts bound in one:
1. Makâmât’ül Evliyâ, a prominent work of Akşemseddin, master of the conquerer of stanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Makâmât’ül Evliyâ is a work that contains most of Akşemseddin ’s thoughts about Islamic mysticism (sufizm) and is about seventeen ranks (maqam) of Saints.
2. Silsilename
3. Risale Akşemseddin Copied by Seyyid Ibrahim Şevki 5 Cemazielevvel 1273 [1. Janury 1857]

Muḥammad Aq Shams al-Dīn, or Aq Şemseddīn (modern Turkish Akşemseddin), was born in Damascus. His father, Shaykh Ḥamza, was a grandson of Shihāb al-Dīn Suhrawardī (539–632 [1145–1234]). In 799/1396, Aq Shams al-Dīn went with his parents to Anatolia, where they settled in Kavak (Qavaq), today the centre of a sub-district (nāḥiye) near Amasya. After completing theological and medical studies, he obtained a post as müderris (teacher) in Osmancık.

Between 851 and 855 [1447 and 1451] he was called to Adrianople, to treat Sülaymān Čelebi, ḳāḍī ʿaskar of Sultan Murād II. He took part in the conquest of Constantinople as a preacher in the army; according to a later legend he discovered the tomb of Abū Ayyūb al-Anṣārī [q.v.] and worked other miracles of firāsa. He healed a daughter of Meḥmed II and in general gained the favour of the sultan. After the conquest Aḳ Shams al-Dīn returned to Göynük, where he died at the end of Rabīʿ II 863 [1459].