Mustafa Haşim Baba, •1130 - 1197 [1718 - 1718]

Mustafa Haşim Baba, •1130 - 1197 [1718 - 1718] Anqāʾ Meşrık (The Griffin of the East)

Anqāʾ Meşrık (The Griffin of the East)

Manuscript in Ottoman Turkish
Copied by Zeynel Abidin Pur Taksir, 1227 [1812]
28 leaves,
17.5 x 12 cm.

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Mustafa Haşim Baba whose pseudonym was "Hâşimî" in his poets, was born in Üsküdar, İstanbul in 1130 [1718]. He was the son of the Yusuf Nizâmeddin Efendi , Sheikh of Bandırmalızade Tekkesi (Dervish lodge).
Haşim Baba was educated according to the practices of Jalwatiyya orders, after that he inclinated to Bektashism orders and even he was appointed to the post of Dedebabalık. However, neither the Jalwatis nor the Bektashis had accepted him. He died in 1197 [1718]. After his death, the Hasimiyyas, which was established by the followers of Haşim Baba, was related to him. Haşim Baba spended his life on preaching and Sufi order services, the influences of Celvetism, Bektashism.
His work "Anqāʾ Meşrık" (The griffin of the East) is a parody to Muhyī d-Dīn ibn ʿAlī Ibn ʿArabī’s "Anqāʾ muġrib " (The griffin of the West).